STARS system consisting of four Terfenol-D transceivers and a command module.
ETREMA’s Engineering Team designed a half-duplex, multi-channel, wireless communication system called STARS™. STARS™ uses ETREMA’s Terfenol-D technology in a multi-mode transducer* design. The transducer senses structural vibrations (listen) and generates vibrations (talk) into these same structures. The STARS™ system was targeted for the law enforcement community. STARS™  is actively sold and supported through Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI,

Each STARS™ system consists of four Sensor Nodes, each containing a Terfenol-D transducer, and a field deployable computer called a Command Node.

ETREMA’s Engineers met a variety of challenges during system development including:

  • Radio and antenna design
  • Active noise control
  • Component packaging and EMI
  • Web-based user interface development
  • Micro-controller code development

*U.S. Patent No. 6,037,682 (issued March 14, 2000)

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