CU18A Ultrasonic Actuator.

CU18A Ultrasonic Actuator

CU18A Ultrasonic Actuator backside
The electrical connector side of the CU18A actuator.
CU18A Ultrasonic Actuator no barb
CU18A actuator showing the attachment point (left side) and cooling airports (topside).

The CU18A Ultrasonic Actuator is a magnetostrictive transducer that can produce vibration from near DC to above 20 kHz from a single phase electrical input current. It produces motion proportional to the input current waveform within the limits imposed by the dynamics of the load and impedance of the transducer. Users can produce a wide range of motion profiles simply by providing the proper input current waveform. The CU18A can be used in a wide variety of applications such as micro-positioning, excitation of ultrasonic horns, and use as a vibration source for ultrasonic baths.

The CU18 includes a current limiting circuit to protect its drive coil from overheating, and can be operated by many low impedance linear or switching power amplifiers.

 CU18A Technical Manual 

CU18A Ultrasonic Actuator Specifications


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