Sonic Actuators.

Sonic Actuators

Model AA150 Sonic Actuators.
TdVib’s Terfenol-D based magnetostrictive sonic actuators convert an electrical current input into a corresponding mechanical output. The actuators respond quickly to input currents generating a repeatable, forceful mechanical motion. Standard off-the-shelf magnetostrictive actuators provide an efficient way to harness the power of Terfenol-D technology.

Common applications of the sonic actuators include:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Industrial processing
  • Food processing
  • Prill formation in fertilizer operations

All TdVib Terfenol-D based Sonic Actuators are available in a low frequency version and a high frequency version. Please contact TdVib to discuss your specific operating frequency requirements.

TdVib also offers a high force variant for all the models listed. This variant has a dynamic force output capability approaching 500 lb (2200 N).

General Specifications

Dynamic Force: 250 lbs (1110 N)

Blocked Force: 500 lbs (2220 N)

Operating Temperature Range: -4 to 212 °F (-20 to 100 °C)

Max. Continuous AC Current: 5 Amps(rms)


Model Designator

Example of a typical actuator order configuration, with the available options shown

Model Specifications


Max. Stroke (DC), µm: ± 25

Resistance (DC), Ω: 1.0

Inductance, mH: 1.8

Mass, kg: 2.7

Recommended Power Supply: ACP-01

AA-050L Displacement and Impedance Sweep


Max. Stroke (DC), µm: ± 50

Resistance (DC), Ω: 1.9

Inductance, mH: 3.6

Mass, kg: 3.8

Recommended Power Supply: ACP-02

AA-100L Displacement and Impedance Sweep


Max. Stroke (DC), µm: ± 75

Resistance (DC), Ω: 2.8

Inductance, mH: 5.5

Mass, kg: 4.8

Recommended Power Supply: ACP-02

AA-150L Displacement and Impedance Sweep


Max. Stroke (DC), µm: ± 125

Resistance (DC), Ω: 4.6

Inductance, mH: 9.1

Mass, kg: 7.0

Recommended Power Supply: ACP-03

AA-250L Displacement and Impedance Sweep

Actuator Options

TdVib actuators can be configured to best suit a customer’s needs by selecting from the desired model number (based on displacement requirements), operating frequency range (low or high), cooling option (air-cooled or sealed), and electrical connection orientation (bottom or side). The actuator is mechanically coupled to a system using the male output rod on the output side the actuator and the female threaded interface at the base of the actuator. Both interfaces come standard with 3/8-24 UNF threads. High force actuators have 7/16-20 UNF threads on the output side. Metric threads are available upon request.

The actuator can also be ordered either as a sealed or air-cooled version. The location of the 1/8-27 NPT air connection is the same as the chosen location for the electrical connection.

The electrical interface is customer-specified to be located either at the bottom of the device (in the axial direction of the actuator), or at the side. Electrical connection is accomplished via a supplied cable with a locking, splash-proof LEMO connector.

Envelope drawings for both the standard and high force variant are shown below.


Power Supply Options

Have questions or want a quotation?

Contact TdVib for a quotation on the quantity and configuration needed. Or work with us to optimize performance and cost for your application


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