Custom Actuator Development.

Custom Actuator Development

TdVib’s experienced staff of engineers can provide support by developing new concepts for custom actuator development, including problem analysis, solution development, product design, fabrication and testing. TdVib has expertise in all aspects of magnetic analysis, structural vibration, vibration and noise control, servo positioning systems, high-powered ultrasonic systems, and actuator design. We would be happy to design a custom actuator to fit your needs.

TdVib’s Engineering Group has designed custom actuator solutions for a large number of industries and end applications. This contribution includes participation in multiple SBIR and STTR programs. A partial list of programs is provided below:

  • Naval Sonar
  • Oil & Gas Down-Hole Tools
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Active Noise & Vibration Cancellation
  • Acoustic Sources for Geophysical Exploration
  • Fast Tool Servo (Machining)

Examples of TdVib’s Custom Actuator Development

Compact Vector Projector*

compactvector_thumb Frequency Range (kHz): 3.5 – 7.0

Output (dB re 1 μPa @ 1 m where indicated): 201 dB for a two-ring array. 215 dB for a 10 ring array (estimate)

Size: 4.5” diameter x 3” active length for a two-ring array

Other Distinctions: Compact, directional acoustic source that is scaleable depending upon source level requirements

Acknowledgements: This work was supported under SBIR award no. N00014-11-C-0639

Core Technology: Terfenol-D

High Frequency Broadband Integrated Transducer & Amplifier*

integrated_module_thumbFrequency Range (kHz): 7.0 – 30.0

Output (dB re 1 μPa @ 1 m where indicated): 195 dB for single element using 200 Vrms input. 220 dB for an 18 element array (estimate)

Size: 1.5” x 1.5” head mass x 3.5” length for a single element. 6.5” height x 11” length x 5.6” depth for an 18 element array (estimate)

Other Distinctions: Compact broadband source with the power amplifier integrated into the volume for each element

Acknowledgements: This work was supported under SBIR award no. N00014-08-C-0797. QorTek was subcontracted to develop the Integrated Amplifier portion of the design

Core Technology: Terfenol-D

Galfenol Actuator

galfenolactuator_thumbFrequency Range (kHz): DC – 0.3

Output: 1300 – 1600 lbf under tensile strains exceeding 0.14%

Size: 5.25” diameter x 10” length

Other Distinctions: Actuator hardware is targeted to operate in tension; providing a force output at low frequencies

Acknowledgements: This work was supported under US Navy contract N00167-14-P-0062

Core Technology: Galfenol

Galfenol Slotted Cylinder Transducer*

galfenol_transduce_thumgFrequency Range (kHz): < 1.0, 0.2 bandwidth

Output (dB re 1 μPa @ 1 m where indicated): 205 – 210 dB per  transducer (estimate)

Size: 7.5” dia x 12” length

Other Distinctions: Low frequency, high source level design

Lower cost and improved reliability over piezo-based slotted cylinders are expected

Acknowledgements: This work was supported under SBIR award no. N00014-09-C-0238

Core Technology: Galfenol

HPHT Transducer

HPHT_thumbFrequency Range (kHz): Three variants designed based on frequency of operation; 10, 15, and 20

Output (dB re 1 μPa @ 1 m where indicated): 1 kW acoustic output power, minimum

Size: ~3.5” diameter x ~20” length

Other Distinctions: High power output transducer capable of operating in down-hole environments; rated to 150°C and 10 ksi

Acknowledgements: Developed under funding from Badger Explorer

Core Technology: Galfenol

* SBIR Data Rights:  The Government’s rights to use, modify, reproduce, release, perform, display, or disclose technical data or computer software marked with this legend are restricted as provided in paragraph (b)(4) of DFARS 252-227-7018, Rights in Noncommercial Technical Data and Computer Software—Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program.

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