Marine Vibrators.

Marine Vibrators

Marine Vibrators are targeted to be used as acoustic sources by the Oil and Gas Industry to explore oceans and seas to discover untapped, natural resource deposits. Marine Vibrator technology offers several potential advantages over legacy technologies. These advantages include a reduced impact on the environment and higher quality geophysical data.

Our engineering team at ETREMA has been involved in the design, fabrication and test of multiple Marine Vibrator projects over the last several years. The efforts of the engineering team have included the re-design of legacy hardware and the design of next-generation systems; including the acoustic sources, power electronics, control electronics, and cabling and connectors.

ETREMA’s expertise in Marine Vibrator technology comprises the development and manufacture of both Terfenol-D drivers and large, high force electromagnetic drivers.  Additional technologies employed during the system-level development and manufacture included:

  • Carbon fiber composite and fiber glass components
  • Fiber optic sensing and data transmission
  • High power permanent magnets
  • Compact power electronics
  • Closed-loop controls implementing an Iterative Learning Controller (ILC)
  • Sub-system and final system integration

ETREMA’s mission is to become the world’s premiere supplier of Marine Vibrator Systems.

Marine Vibrators_onsite
A Marine Vibrator under test at ETREMA’s in-ground tank facility.

Marine Vibrators_offsite
Two Marine Vibrators being prepared for in-water testing at an off-site facility.
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