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Welcome to TdVib, LLC.

Designer and manufacturer of technology-driven,
high-value systems based on electromagnetics



At TdVib we actively develop and manufacture the Giant Magnetostrictive Materials, Terfenol-D and Galfenol. We can provide custom shapes and sizes of both materials to meet customer specific requirements.

ETREMA Devices


We offer several standard actuation devices, which can operate at frequencies exceeding 20 kHz and generate displacements up to 250 microns. An example of our actuation devices is the CU18A Ultrasonic Actuator.

ETREMA Systems


TdVib can provide customer-specific system-level solutions for a large number of dynamic applications. For example, the Active Machining Systems (AMS) integrates actuation, control and power for a turn-key system used in the small piston engine industry.

ETREMA Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Our experienced team of engineers is available to design, build, and test unique solutions for our customers at either the device or system level.


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