Control and System Development.

Control and System Development


ETREMA’s Engineering Team designed, prototyped, and performed validation testing for the STARS™ system. STARS™ incorporates a Terfenol-D actuator that operates in both transmit and receive modes. The STARS™ system consists of four Terfenol-D based sensor nodes and one command node used to direct sensor node communication. ETREMA’s engineers provided innovative solutions to challenges involving packaging and attachment mechanisms for the sensor nodes. Additionally, unique solutions were developed for the radio and antenna to maximize operating range and the development of a web-based GUI to simplify system-level operation. 

Marine Vibrators

ETREMA’s Engineering Team has led design efforts for various Marine Vibrator (MAV) systems. These MAV systems have integrated either magnetostrictive or electromagnetic drive schemes. The MAV system-level design efforts included the overall mechanical design of the system including the drivers, design of the power electronics, design of the control systems, and design of ancillary hardware integrating all individual components to perform as a complete system.  

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